Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obligatory Explanation of Title

You may be asking yourself, "What's this 'little bit psycho' thing mean? How can someone be a little bit psycho?" Well, that's a good question! I will tell you exactly how a formerly unpsycho person can become a little bit psycho. It's not as difficult as you might think, so you can view this as a cautionary tale or an instruction manual, whichever is more appropriate for your particular needs.

It started innocently enough with your typical boy meets girl in a bar scenario. As it so often does, this meeting eventually led to a wedding and a pregnancy. The girl in this case happened to be me, and what followed the aforementioned wedding and pregnancy caused me to become a little bit psycho. This blog will be a chronicle of the events that led to my slight psychosis. I'll also share examples from my partially psychotic life as they happen.
Or, knowing how I procrastinate, several days after they happen.

These stories will usually star the following people, all of whom are also a little bit psycho. First there's me. My name is Alli. I have a wonderful husband. Aren't we a good looking couple?

OK, that might not be wholly accurate. I am a bit taller than my husband, and my head does look very large in photos for some reason. But our arms are actually long enough for us to hold hands without bumping heads and I almost never wear a dress.

We share our home with our three children. Our daughter is 11 and would be horrified if she saw the
things I am planning to do with this blog. Our boys are 7 and 5. The three of them are the main contributors to my becoming a little bit psycho, which shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone with children. Naturally I am not going to post their adorable faces where the millions of strangers who will flock to this blog can stalk them and do creepy things with their photos. They are almost as good looking as their parents.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course. I am kicking myself a bit that we didn't think to give the kids those names to begin with. I was going to use Italian meal courses, but then I'd have to call my youngest son Dulce. It doesn't seem right to refer to your child as dessert, unless you're Hannibal Lecter.

The final member of our household is our pet. Kids should have a pet as it teaches them how to be gentle and responsible. I know for a fact that when the kids see me clip our pet's nails, brush him, feed him, and clean his cage, they are learning a valuable life lesson. Here's a picture of our adorable and only slightly neglected pet:

If you've ever considered a rabbit as a pet, I can highly recommend them as the perfect companion. They are cute and cuddly, quiet, can be litter trained, don't live as long as cats and dogs, and can be made into a tasty stew if your circumstances in life become drastically reduced.

Whew, I am glad to get this first post out of the way! I promise more psycho and less boring semi-factual information from this point forward!

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